Senior Front-end Engineer (React.js & vanilla)

We’re looking for a front-end developer to strengthen our team. You know the foundations of the web, and can work without frameworks if necessary. Collaboration with designers, developers, and other roles isn’t new for you.

Job expectations

Our projects are diverse. A front-end developer at Mirabeau can work on conversational interfaces, progressive web apps, and JAM-stack websites. You’ll be part of the design team, responsible for the front of frontend. Along with Product and Service Designers, you will create fantastic and human-centred interfaces.

With all ±10 Front-enders, you will join our community session every two weeks. Here we share experiences and inspire each other. We talk about your projects and learning goals to help with your growth. If you want to share even more of your knowledge, you can become a mentor for colleagues.

Having an eye for design is a must because we expect you to collaborate with designers. Sometimes you’ll suggest design changes to make the interface more user-friendly. Also, there’s a chance to experiment with transitions and animations.

Our vision

The front-end world is constantly changing. That’s why we care about what matters in our field of work: the foundations of the web and delivering the right user experience.

Technology is a means to an end for our human-centred solutions. We take pride in our knowledge and utilisation of technology. We’re always up to date: you can see us as technology optimists.

We care a great deal about code quality. Our team accumulates experience to help each other. We try to learn from projects and share our best practices.

Skills we’re looking for

  • The ability to write performant, reusable code;
  • Contribute to internal initiatives and grow professionally;
  • You see the importance of behavioural skills, maybe you’re even a natural leader;
  • Affinity with accessibility;
  • Experience with git;
  • Proper knowledge in ES6 and React;
  • You know how to handle unit tests;
  • Experience in Next.js and CI/CD is a plus;
  • You are fluent in English, Dutch would be a plus;
  • Skills in transitions and animations would be excellent.

Who we work for

Next to great colleagues, we work with clients on exciting and challenging projects. Think of brands like Ahrend, Transavia, and Brunel. But we’re also helping start-ups whilst working with cutting edge technologies.

Mirabeau is a Cognizant Digital Business. As part of Cognizant, we work with colleagues and clients from all over the world.

What we offer

  • A 32/36/40 hour workweek;
  • Time for personal development;
  • A competitive salary based on your experience;
  • 25 days of paid holiday per year;
  • Hybrid working, depending on company & government guidelines;
  • Offices to work from in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven;
  • A standing desk, chair, and external monitor to work from home;
  • A laptop and a smartphone;
  • Paid travel expenses for public transport;
  • A pension scheme and medical insurance;
  • Other perks and corporate benefits.

In addition, we offer a broad range of training courses and support you with personal development and feedback throughout the year.